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How America Works. . . and Why It Doesn’t thumbnail
How America Works. . . and Why It Doesn’t eAudiobook
William Cooper / Jeff Harding

A brief guide to US politics which provides a non-partisan assessment of the ongoing challenges face..

Missing thumbnail
Missing eAudiobook
Charlie Hedges / Charlie Hedges

Charlie Hedges is a pioneer in the field of missing persons over a career spanning nearly four decad..

How to Survive History thumbnail
How to Survive History eAudiobook
Cody Cassidy / Nathan Adams Stark

In each chapter of How to Survive History Cody Cassidy explores how to survive one of history's grea..

Top of the World thumbnail
Top of the World eAudiobook
Martin Hibbert; Fiona Duffy / Will Edgerton

Martin Hibbert was left paralysed from the waist down by the Manchester Arena bombing which killed t..

The Illusionist thumbnail
The Illusionist eAudiobook
Robert Hutton / Al Murray

Cairo 1942. Colonel Clarke thought of himself as developing a new kind of weapon. Its components? Ru..

The Prisoner thumbnail
The Prisoner eAudiobook
Vladimir Pereverzin / Sean Barrett

Vladimir Pereverzin's Kafkaesque story is vividly told in this skilful translation of his shocking b..

Running on Empty thumbnail
Running on Empty eAudiobook
Guy Deacon / John Telfer

18000 miles 25 countries 12 months 5 breakdowns 1 emergency evacuation and 3650 prescription pills. ..

Reckless thumbnail
Reckless eAudiobook
Mike Rothmiller; Douglas Thompson / Jeff Harding

John F. Kennedy's life is promoted by sentimental myth-makers as pure legend but a sinister shadow l..

The Rebel Pianist of Majdanek thumbnail
The Rebel Pianist of Majdanek eAudiobook
Nicola Pittam / Sophie Roberts

Former Polish teenage piano prodigy Mosha Gebert is teaching when the Nazis come for her. They kill ..

COPOUT thumbnail
COPOUT eAudiobook
Nick Breeze / Paul Panting

Thirty years of UN climate negotiations to reduce carbon emissions have failed to deliver_x000D_a su..

Ticket to Ride thumbnail
Ticket to Ride eAudiobook
Tom Chesshyre / David Thorpe

Why do people love trains so much? Tom Chesshyre is on a mission to find the answer by experiencing ..

From Me To You thumbnail
From Me To You eAudiobook
Brian Greenley; Alison Hitchcock / Brian Greenley Alison Hitchcock

In 2010 Alison Hitchcock made an unusual offer to an acquaintance Brian Greenley who had been diagno..

A Farming Life thumbnail
A Farming Life eAudiobook
Liz Harfull / Taryn Ryan

Bestselling author Liz Harfull shares fascinating true stories of rural Australian women showcasing ..

Shake It Up Baby thumbnail
Shake It Up Baby eAudiobook
Ken McNab / Luke R Francis

It's 1963. The year of the Profumo scandal the Great Train Robbery the rise of teenage consumerism a..

Unbreakable thumbnail
Unbreakable eAudiobook
Richard Askwith / Richard Askwith

Czechoslovakia October 1937. Vast crowds have gathered to watch the threatened nation's most prestig..